ZASŁAW vehicles have been priced for 50 years, in the transprotation fleet of all Polish PKSs, and more than half a million are traveling on the roads of the whole world. You will also meet them every day at service companies, farms, construction sites and in all places where transport decides about the success of the business.

Why ZASŁAW trailers?

Weight from 4.900 kg for tippers and 4.600 kg for semi-trailer semi-trailers
Loading od 39 do 60 m3 goods and the possibility of transporting up to 27 europallets !!! All this is possible thanks to the versatility of aluminum boxes
SAF, BPW, HYVA, Knorr-bremse that’s all basic equipment while maintaining a favorable level prices for the customer
High resistance to work in difficult road conditions, despite the reduction of its own weight
2-year manufacturer’s warranty for the entire vehicle
Most models available in 48 hours straight from the square

Do you care about time? The terms are chasing?

We have a solution for this solution below a list of trailers available in 48 hours

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